Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harlee and Gus

We bred Harlee a few days ago. We should be able to find out if she is pregnant in about 30 days. The beuaty of being a dog is that she'll deliver in just 63 days! Wouldn't it be nice to carry a baby for only 63 days? I guess the world would be over populated if it were that easy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So a friend of mine and I have been clipping coupons from the sunday paper and combining them with awesome store ads and coupons and you would not believe what great deals we get! It is a new addiction of mine, and so I started another blog, yah, another blog to help everyone else benefit like I have. Here is what I got on wednesday from albertsons using coupons that you can download online and from the sunday papers and from the store adds.

I started out with $15.00 in Catalinas (which are coupons from a previous shopping experience, so it's like cash), and I was able to purchase (2) 24 Pks of water, (6) 2literes of Pepsi, 5 boxes of Caprisuns, 2 bags of lays chips, 6 Digiorno pizzas, 4 tubs of Land O Lakes Butter, 3 Pkgs of Jello (6 in each pkg), 4 Boxes of Bagelfuls, 8cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup, 4 boxes of Crystal Light On the Go, 3 bags of Birdseye Corn, 10 Pkgs of Albacore Tuna, 1 Jar of Jalapenos and 2 Packs of Gum for $25.52 Out of Pocket. Between In store savings, coupons and catalina deals I saved $151.35. WOW!!!

Follow my blog at and I will help you get stuff for free or even for just a few dollars. The idea is to get multiple sunday papers though so you can get the coupons from the adds. When you get the manufacture coupons, put the date on them so you will always know where to go to clip your coupons. If you know people who get the paper and throw out their manufacture coupons, ask them to save them for you, cause it is well worth it. Look at my stuff!!!! Remember to follow my blog! If you have questions, you can e-mail me at

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feb 20th Family Trip

This past weekend, we took the kids up north to see the Draper Temple and conveniantly, while we were there, Casey participated in one of their local team sorts. The kids were so excited to see the temple because they would actually be able to see more than the waiting area. The girls were interested in seeing where couples get married. Dillon and Payton loved the endowment rooms because of the animals (deer, elk) that were painted on the walls. It was a small, but beautiful temple.

We stopped at a few of our favorite stores and spent at least 1 1/2 hrs in Cabelas looking at things and shooting guns in their arcade. I cant believe we didn't spend a dime!!

We also had to stop at Smith and Edwards in Ogden. This is everyones favorite store because you can find anything and everything there for cheap!!!

January 2009

Dillon knows basketball!!

Dillon kicked off 2009 playing his first year of organized basketball. He played for the Celtics and is a super defensive player! Go Celtics!!!

Look at thos defensive skills!

Dear Hunt October 2008

2008 Kolob Deer Hunt!

Here we spent at least 2 hours looking for a deer Casey "Said" he shot!!!

Future hunter! Only 7 more years until he is legal!!

Grandpa Brent was a good sport and took Payton out hunting with him. They saw some Turkeys and Payton said he popped one with his bebe gun. (Not sure how to spell bebe???)

Casey and Dillon spent the afternoon hiking for deer. As you can see, they didn't come back with one.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Photos August 2008 (Photo Class Project)

We are the proud parents of the rugrats below us. (Not the blonde ones)

Payton can still pull off the I'm sexy look even with a hurt toe!


Brookly and Lyla were not diggin the kodak moment.

Payton scraped his toe on a rock!

As you can see, Kylee is passing Mariah on the growth chart!

Me and my girls!!

Kylee, Brooklyn and Mariah

My niece Lyla (Tyler and Aleisha's Daughter)

My Nephew and Niece Blake and Kenzee. (Tyler and Aleisha kids)

My Niece Brooklyn. (Curtis and Robyns Daughter)