Monday, February 23, 2009

Dillon/Flag Football August 2008

Dillon decided to try flag football this year with a few of his friends. He was on the Rams team with Coach Mike Barben.

MJ'S Photography Class July 2008

Me and a few of my friends decided to take a photography class and one of my assignments was to duplicate a pose from a magazine. There was an awesome picture of a dad and his son walking down the street with their ropes in their hands. I took this picture down by Nancy's house. It is one of my favorite pictures. Since I had everyone dressed up, I decided to go to an old house further down the street and take a few more pictures. Don't tell Casey you saw these!!!!

Payton/Teeball April 2008

Payton was on the Diamondbacks team and played teeball with Coach Nate Andrus. Lets just say they had alot of fun! LOL! Pictures are MIA

Dillon/Baseball April 2008

Dillon was on the Braves team with Coach Ben Peterson who took them to the 2008 Championship game where they dominated and beat the Cardinals! Pictures are MIA

Harlee/Pups March 2008

Libby, Roper, Rustler




Harlee Had her first litter of puppies in March (7 pups) by C-Section and our family enjoyed the experiance of raising and caring for them. Honestly it was like have a baby all over again. We are planning to have another litter this summer!