Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Virgin River Skim Boarding

I took the kids to the Virgin River a few weeks ago to try out their new boards! This is an accident waiting to happen!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angels Baseball Game

Casey had gotton some Angels tickets from work, but was only able to get 4 tickets that was playing on his birthday. As much as he wanted me and him to take our boys to the game, my girls weren't going for it! So Casey offered my sister and brother in law the tickets if they would take our boys. They were 13th row behind 3rd base, from the pictures, they seemed like awesome seats. My boys had a blast. They went down on Friday and went straight to the game and on Satureday they went to Balboa Island and Newport Beach. It was a short trip, but Valerie and Mitch said the kids had a blast and are ready for their next trip! Here are some pics Val took.

Go Angels!!!

Valerie and Payton!

13th Row behind 3rd Base

Balboa Island

Newport Beach

Payton running from the waves.

Dillon running too!

Girls Camp

So Mariah turned 12 on June 10th and Girls Camp was on June 2-4. I received a calling as Girls Camp Assistant so Mariah and I were 1st years together! It was exciting! We went to PineVally, the weather was perfect the food was yummy and camping was a breeze! What ever happened to going to camp for a week? Sleeping in Tents and roughing it? We had the luxury of staying in a cabin, but 22 girls in a 1 bathroom cabin was roughing it. Although we didn't get to take showers, I was greatful for a bathroom! Here are some highlight pictures.

Mariah and I on our 5 mile hike.

Crawdad catching!

We made a fruit bouquet! It was delicious!