Monday, September 20, 2010

Boy Scouts Of America 100 Year Celebration Sept 18th

This year was the 100 year celebration for the Boy Scouts of America. There were around 5000 or so boy scouts and cub scouts that participated and around 10,000 people were involved which included leaders and volunteers. The boys had alot of fun. This event was 6 hours long, but by the time we left and got home, we were with the boys for 8hrs. Besides the fact that I had migraine and the Coke machine wasnt working, we had a good time. They Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts were separated for there events, but at the closing ceremonies, they were all seated together in the outdoor arena at the Washington Fair Grounds. They enjoyed a concert, a message from the President Monson and a firework show. On top of all that excitement, 4 boys in our pack won prizes including Dillon. He won a pair of Underarmor Sweatbands and 10.00 to a hamburger joint.

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts - I couldn't fit all the benches in 1 picture. There were a ton of boys!

Dillon was sawing his wood to make his sword.

Here Dillon is drawing his Bear logo on his shield.

The boys were practicing for the battle.

Here the boys were setting up card board boxes and making a barricade.

The boys learning to use the catapult.

Closing Ceremonies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teresa at Davids Bridal

This last weekend, we headed to Las Vegas to try on bridesmaid dresses for Teresa's upcoming wedding, YES - I said WEDDING! The date is set for Oct 31st in Salt Lake. The colors are white and this beautiful apple red. Kylee is pictured below in the exact dress and the exact color. They will have white cover ups to wear as it will probably be quite cool there.

Mom helping Teresa set her vail, veil, vale???? You know what I mean, the thing on her head.

Teresa picked a really pretty dress.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bucky and our missing hen

We have been enjoying raising our 14 hens not just because they are laying eggs, but because a few of them have become our childrens pets. There are 4 in particular that the kids love to carry around. Henrietta, Blaze, Red and Jessabell. Well we recently added 4 wild hens to our bunch since we got rid of all our roosters. We only wanted egg laying hens. About a few weeks ago this rooster showed up. We didn't notice until it started to cockadoodle doo in the mornings. Fortunatly it never bothered us because they live in Nancy's back yard! Ha Ha. We took care of this rooster thinking it might go back to wherever it came from, but it kept hanging around. About a little over a week later, one or our hens turns up missing. I thought one of Casey's friends was playing a trick on us, until we noticed that this missing hen would show up at night. Then she'd disappear again. When we did see her in the day time our horse Bucky would fight with her. She would kick and buck around this hen. Well.........this is why!
This is Bucky. She has been pretty honery with one of our hens and we couldn't figure out why.
It's because one of our hens has been laying eggs in her salt lick bucket. She's been sitting on 9 eggs now for about 2 weeks.

I guess we'll see if they hatch in another week or so!