Monday, September 20, 2010

Boy Scouts Of America 100 Year Celebration Sept 18th

This year was the 100 year celebration for the Boy Scouts of America. There were around 5000 or so boy scouts and cub scouts that participated and around 10,000 people were involved which included leaders and volunteers. The boys had alot of fun. This event was 6 hours long, but by the time we left and got home, we were with the boys for 8hrs. Besides the fact that I had migraine and the Coke machine wasnt working, we had a good time. They Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts were separated for there events, but at the closing ceremonies, they were all seated together in the outdoor arena at the Washington Fair Grounds. They enjoyed a concert, a message from the President Monson and a firework show. On top of all that excitement, 4 boys in our pack won prizes including Dillon. He won a pair of Underarmor Sweatbands and 10.00 to a hamburger joint.

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts - I couldn't fit all the benches in 1 picture. There were a ton of boys!

Dillon was sawing his wood to make his sword.

Here Dillon is drawing his Bear logo on his shield.

The boys were practicing for the battle.

Here the boys were setting up card board boxes and making a barricade.

The boys learning to use the catapult.

Closing Ceremonies.

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