Monday, August 24, 2009

July 25th Papa Jays 60th Birthday Party!

For dads 60th birthday, Vickie threw a nice little barbecue at their house. We got to see Shelly and Tim and their kids, Uncle Louis, Teresa, Rosie and Richard and their kids, Candace and James and Lindsey. Shortly after we left, Dorothy and Wayne showed up. We had a good time and good food!

Casey, Dad and Tim

Me and uncle Louis

Me and Shelly

Uncle Louis was entertaining Brandon, Dillon and Alexis in the pool!

Dillon Diving!

Silly Payton!!!

July 18th, Dillons Birthday

Several of Dillons friends were out of town for Dillons birthday, so he decided he wanted to go spend the day at the river with his cousin blake AKA Creamy.

They cought frogs, frogs,

and more frogs!!!!!!

Creamy was looking for frogs a little tooo far into the bushes.

This is creamy. He reminds me of the little boy from the movie Australia!

Dillon Skim boarding!

We had lunch at his favorite restaraunt!

Then opened up presents!

Overall, he had a good day!