Thursday, May 14, 2009

Give Me Liberty Award

This year Kylee worked hard and received a Give Me Libery Award and Certificate. This award is given to those students who completed 12 different areas of the Give Me Liberty Program. Just to name a few, she memorized the preamble, States and Capitals, Presidents, Had to write the Pledge of Allegiance without mistakes, recite the Declaration of Independance etc. We were so proud of her! Here are a few highlights:

Our Family Garden

This year we planted a big garden at Nancy's house and a small one at my house. We planted 400 onions, 4 eggplants, 78 tomatoe plants, 3 rows of potatoes, a row of peppers and jalapenos. At my house we planted squash, zuccini and Cucumbers! Here are pics from all our labor!

Mothers Day

This mothers day the kids surprised me with breakfast in bed and Casey surpised me with a beautiful boquet of roses! Kylee made me my favorite blueberry muffins with a glass of orange juice. I ate breakfast while watching my tivo episodes of Dancing With the Stars! I laid around for awhile before we had to get ready for church. Brent, Nancy, Ashlee, and Grma. and Grpa Blake joined us at church becuase Kylee had to give a mothers day talk. She did sooo well. Then we had dinner as always on Sunday at Nancy's house. After dinner, we all went out back for a game of baseball. Here are a few highlight pictures.

My Flowers!!!!

Run Kylee!!!

Somehow, Blake seems to always be on the ground at one point in a game!

Curtis and Lyla!