Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day

This mothers day the kids surprised me with breakfast in bed and Casey surpised me with a beautiful boquet of roses! Kylee made me my favorite blueberry muffins with a glass of orange juice. I ate breakfast while watching my tivo episodes of Dancing With the Stars! I laid around for awhile before we had to get ready for church. Brent, Nancy, Ashlee, and Grma. and Grpa Blake joined us at church becuase Kylee had to give a mothers day talk. She did sooo well. Then we had dinner as always on Sunday at Nancy's house. After dinner, we all went out back for a game of baseball. Here are a few highlight pictures.

My Flowers!!!!

Run Kylee!!!

Somehow, Blake seems to always be on the ground at one point in a game!

Curtis and Lyla!

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