Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dixie Jr. Livestock Show

Mariah has been a member of the 4H group for 4 years now and Kylee has been a memeber for 3 years. This year Casey and I were so pleased with the girls becuase they both outdid themselves at the Dixie Jr. Livestock Show. We couldn't have been more proud and impressed with the way the girls did. Mariah has always been extremely unsure of herself when it comes to handling steers while Kylee on the other hand can man hadle hers. Who blames Mariah though, they are 1300 lb animals who can easily toss you around, especially when your no taller than the animal. Well like I said they impressed us. Mariah was very confindent in herself this year. She for the first time entered and participated in show ring without the help of her dad. She answered all her questions correctly and she carried and used all the required items (the stick) properly. On another note, Kylee impressed us, because as she is very confident with herself she had the misfortune of being tossed to the ground the minute she entered the show ring. She was hit in the face with her stick and although she had a few tears, she composed herself and carried on with the show. She even was selected after all that to compete in the championship round. She placed 4th in her class, but to us she placed 1st. Who can feel confident and handle their 1300 lb animal without having the fear of being tossed again. The stock show is a 3 full day event which consists of Showmanship the first day, Judging of the animal the second day with a dinner and dance to follow and then the livestock auction the third day. Both girls sold their animals for $1900.00. Thanks to their aunt Teresa and her co-worker, their aunt MaryAnn and Uncle Rick, us and ofcourse their uncle Larry and uncle Kelly who allow them the opportunity to participate in these events! Also thanks for all those who supported the girls and came to watch! Especially Papa Jay and Grandma Vicki, Candace, James, Lindsey and Matt who traveled from Vegas to watch. Here are some highlight pictures:

Pictures before the show.

Kylee washing here steer.

Then Blow drying it.

Trying to control the beast!

Championship round!

Mariah washing her steer.

Blow drying it.

Talking with the judge.

Setting her steer up.

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