Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This year our family went to Kolob for some 4 wheeling fun up at the Cabin. Casey was helping on their uncles Ranch Gathering Cows so he wasn't with us, but me and the kids, Tyler and his family, Curtis and his family and Brent, Nancy and Ashlee and Grandma and Grandpa Blake went to the Cabin for the day.

The weather was nice, but the clouds started to roll in.

When the sun started to shine, we decided to go for a ride!

It was me and the boys,

Ashlee and Mariah,

Kylee and the the girls. (Dillon decided to get in the pic)

After Lunch, the kids shot their guns,

Then we went on another long ride and took more fun pics:

While we were in the middle of our ride, it suddenly got dark and cold!
Then it started to HAIL!

It was starting to get a little uncomfortable getting pelted in the face so we found some shelter. Not sure who owns this cabin, but thanks for letting us get out of the hail storm.
On Sunday we had a barbecue at Grandma and Grandpa Gublers

On Monday after we laid flowers on the graves, we went swimming at Rick and MaryAnns.