Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays. It has come to my attention that everyone has a blog except me, so this blog is dedicated to my friend Marian! Merry Christmas. LOL!

We have had an exciting 2008 year and its hard to believe that it is almost over! Our children are growing up fast and life in the little town of St. George is quite busy! Mariah is 11 years old and attends Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School. She is active in her school choir, takes piano lessons, is active in 4H and is extremely interested in boys, (whom she cant date), makeup, (that she cant wear) and socializing with her friends (that she does on a regular basis).

Kylee is 10 years old and attends Little Valley Elementary School. She is active in her school choir, takes piano lessons, guitar lessons (come January), is active in 4H and too is interested in boys, (but is too shy to talk to them) and socializing with friends

Dillon is 7 years old and attends Little Valley Elementary School. He has been active in baseball, flag football and is now starting basketball. He loves to ride is bike, play the PlayStation and Wii and hang out with friends. He doesn't like girls, but they sure do like him!

Payton is 5 years old and goes to Barefoot Montessori. He has been active in tee ball and is thinking about playing basketball this coming year. He loves to ride his bike, his horse dually and hang out with friends.

We have two English Bulldogs who are a part of our family. Harlee and Gus. Harlee had her first litter of puppies this past year,(7 of them) and will be ready for another litter this coming summer. Gus is a new addition to our family and is 7 months old. He is huge!

We have 3 horses that live in my mother in laws back yard. Dually, Bucky and our newest addition Shag. Two belong to Casey as they are his sorting horses and Dually belongs to the family, but Payton seems to think he's his horse.

We currently have 2 steers that belong to the girls. They are their 4H steer project this year.

The boys have a ball python, Boa, compliments of their aunt tita (Teresa) and one bearded dragon Jordan.

Casey is busy with work and his horse hobbies. He likes to participate in the local team sorts with a few of his buddies here in town and help out whenever he can on his uncles ranch.

As for me, well I am always busy first and foremost with my family, but in what spare time I have, I am devoted to my online business ( I have a lot of plans for the upcoming year for my business so if you know anyone with children or having a baby, please send them to my sight! I am always updating it with new products!

As the year comes to a close, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!


  1. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!! Welcome to 2008 and the Blogging World!!!!!Haha Your blog is cute!!!!
    Thanks for dedicating the blog to me!!! I feel very special!!! Now put up some pictures of the kiddies!!!!

  2. MJ...I just found your comment on my blog! I'm so excited that you FINALLY started one! I figured you'd be way ahead of the pack...being as how you are so creative and have mad computer skillz and all! I'm with some pix of your cute kids so we can keep up with you all. Oh, and I'm adding you to my link list so I can check your blog often!:-) Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

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