Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Photos August 2008 (Photo Class Project)

We are the proud parents of the rugrats below us. (Not the blonde ones)

Payton can still pull off the I'm sexy look even with a hurt toe!


Brookly and Lyla were not diggin the kodak moment.

Payton scraped his toe on a rock!

As you can see, Kylee is passing Mariah on the growth chart!

Me and my girls!!

Kylee, Brooklyn and Mariah

My niece Lyla (Tyler and Aleisha's Daughter)

My Nephew and Niece Blake and Kenzee. (Tyler and Aleisha kids)

My Niece Brooklyn. (Curtis and Robyns Daughter)

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  1. Wow, have the kids grown! Beautiful, all of them. Would you believe that's the first time I've seen Brooklyn?
    Miss you guys, looks like life is GREAT!!