Friday, March 26, 2010

Darrel and Carolyn Gubler 1st Annual Family Reunion

This year was the 1st Annual Darrel and Carolyn Gubler Family Reunion. Brent and Nancy were in charge and had planned a fun filled weekend at the Bar 10 Ranch which was to include 4 wheeling, Skeet Shooting, Games, Hikes, The Grand Canyon and yummy food. Unfortunalty the weather did not permit us to go there so we had to make a change in plans. Instead we went to Brent and Nancys house and had breakfast together. Shortly after that we gave the kids rides on the horses, played a game of baseball, rode wheelers, had a bb gun shooting contest, went skeet shooting, played dominoes, and had a nice dinner. Although things didn't turn out the way we initially had planned, it was a nice reunion. Here are some pictures of the event.

Brent Cooking Bacon

Nancy getting the pancake batter ready.

Blake, Payton, Dillon, Riley, Cory

Mitch and Val

Brooklyn riding Dually

Grandma and Lyla

Dillon Shooting Targets

Payton Shooting Targets
Me and Casey

The Gubler Gang
Dillon won 1st place $5.00, Sam 2nd, Blake 3rd
Grandpa Brent and Brooklyn and Kenzee
Dillon running for home
Casey pitching and Kylee looks like she needs to pee.
Me skeet shooting with this sweet gun!!!
Dillons first time shooting a 12 guage
Me, Casey and Tyler

Grandpa and Grandma Gubler

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