Monday, March 8, 2010

Mariah's Science Project

Mariah decided to participate in the science fair this year at her school. She wanted to see if she could hatch chickens in an incubator or under a heat lamp. Casey and I know that she really did this project because she wanted to have chickens, but we decided to go along with it. Hatching chickens wasn't very easy. Infact we incubated over a dozen eggs at different times and were only able to hatch one. She did a good job at making sure the incubator had water, the temperature was right and that the eggs were turned in the morning and at night. Here are some pictures of her chick.

Unfortunatly the chick wasn't healthy and died the next day. So........we went to IFA a few days later and purchased 8 chicks. They are much easier to raise than to hatch them. Hopefully in the next 5 months, we'll be able to have our own fresh eggs!

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